Let's Run This Race Together.
Wednesdays @ 5:30

Every week, we gather in Discipleship Groups to study God’s Word, pray, and walk through life together as followers of Jesus.

What are discipleship groups?
Many churches have what are known as “small groups”. These small groups are people from the congregation of a church grouped together in such a way that individuals feel connected and included. This is one of the most practiced ways to ensure that a church never becomes so big that the biblical themes of community and family get left behind with large Sunday morning gatherings. At Restoration Church, we do by focusing on the theme of discipleship through intentional groups.

A disciple is a follower of something or someone, so it matters what we’re disciples of. The answer: Jesus Christ. We are disciples of Jesus Christ, and one of the ways we live as disciples of Christ is by meeting together in groups.

Purpose of discipleship groups:
- To learn and study God’s Word together
- To understand and establish our spiritual wellness
- To know and become part of the family of God in a deep, personal way
- To equip everyone for the work of ministry
- To reject the idea of being a number, rather than a member.
- To mature from spiritual infancy to spiritual adulthood.
- To become men and women of prayer

We pray that you would consider being a part of how God is leading us at Restoration Church. If you would like to know more information or you are ready to join a Discipleship Group, please contact us or simply join us on Wednesday evening at 5:30!